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What is Minimal?2019-04-26T08:01:10+00:00

It means MINI Multi Arcade Laptop. It is concept to define a portable system that allows launching videogames of multiple platforms and that is presented like small-scale arcade machines reproductions.

What hardware do these machines use?2019-04-26T08:01:10+00:00

You can install standard mini systems on them, like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Banana Pi, mini or pico itx pc boards, Pandora’s Box, etc… By default we usually install an Orange Pi PC, due its good performance on arcade games. This allows, among others, to run the most recent versions of the famous RetrorangePi (Retropie) and launch games of all kinds of arcades and consoles.

How many games does it support?2019-03-26T10:45:11+00:00

It will depend on the software and the version installed on your machine, although it will usually be able to reproduce thousands of classic titles from very different platforms.

Is it easy to use?2019-03-26T13:16:16+00:00

Yes it is. Thanks to its intuitive controls you will learn its operation in a short time.

How authentic is the experience?2019-03-26T13:17:43+00:00

Very! We use real arcade joysticks, buttons and sounds, which provides a true arcade tactile feel – plays exactly as you remember ;)

Are coins required?2019-03-26T13:18:54+00:00

It’s optional. You can use the coins acceptor or a service button to do the same function. You decide!

Can it be customized?2019-03-26T13:20:01+00:00

Of course! It’s one of the main advantages of being an “artisanal” products. Choose the model of cabinet that you like and tell us what details you would like to apply to study what we can do.

Can I modify it by my self?2019-03-26T13:34:12+00:00

Yeah. Feel free to customize your Minimal RetroCab like you want at your own risk. Swap out the Pi board for something else like a itx based computer, replace the joystick, buttons or any other part of your new hackable cabinet.

How long did it take to be ready?2019-03-26T13:49:06+00:00

Although taking great care of the final result, we usually do our work as quickly as possible. Approximately between 2 weeks and 1 month.

Which countries are they sent to?2019-03-26T13:53:43+00:00

We try to reach all possible points on the planet. Anyway, you can consult us about it by any of the available ways.

Are there discounts if I purchase more than one?2019-03-27T08:10:48+00:00

Unfortunately, no, due they are handmade products and requires a hard job.

How much do the machines weigh?2019-03-27T08:13:29+00:00

About 20lbs (9kg). You can move it easly.

What are the cabinet dimensions?2019-03-27T08:23:48+00:00

These machines are less than 1/2 scale of traditional arcade machines. When used over a desk or similar, etc, it fall at about same height they did in the original arcade cabinets. Dimensions are about: 27.5inch (70cm) H x 9.8inch (25cm) W x 11.8inch (30cm) D.

What is the height of the control panel from the floor?2019-03-27T08:27:55+00:00

Without a desk, the controls hit about 14inch (35.5cm).

Do I need to assemble it?2019-03-27T08:29:38+00:00

No. Only if you select the hard level to make your own cabinet from zero. But it is not so difficult.

Are these cabinets mean to be played seated or standing?2019-03-27T08:30:30+00:00

You can do either. You can sit to play on the floor or a small seat, or use over a stand to play.

Can I get replacement parts?2019-03-27T08:31:51+00:00

Due to the modular design and its standard components, all parts are easily replaceable.

How is the screen?2019-03-27T08:33:12+00:00

All our machines can have an 8-inch or 10-inch LCD screen with high resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio and good response time. They have main controls to adjust brightness, contrast and some other interesting parameters as you wish.

Can I adjust the volume with external controls?2019-03-27T08:34:35+00:00

Yes, with 2 buttons (+/-) on the back of the machine.

Are the built in speakers stereo or mono?2019-03-27T08:35:13+00:00


Does the marquees light up?2019-03-27T08:35:59+00:00

Yes! We wanted to create an authentic arcade experience, so we included all elements in our mini machines.

Does the LCD have CRT filter options?2019-03-27T08:37:46+00:00

It deppends on the system that you use. Retropie or similars has implemented that filters.

What type of connection does the lcd monitor allow?2019-04-26T06:38:52+00:00

HDMI. If you are interested in others like VGA or RCA, tell us.

Can I play in a bigger display or modern TV?2019-03-27T08:39:47+00:00

You could add an HDMI splitter and a external HDMI port in the back connections panel.

What is the voltage per machine?2019-04-26T06:25:17+00:00

12V (Minimum 3A).