Minimal is the ultimate way to (re)play all those arcade and console hits that are now emulated on modern systems! With RetroCabs you’ll relive the glory of Arcade gaming and recreate your own retro ambiance for a fraction of the cost of full sized classic machines…with a cabinet that will fit anywhere thanks to its compact design and attractive look!


Minimal RetroCabs are reduced half scale arcade machines that stand about 27.1inchs (70cm) tall and 9.8inches (25cm) width. They’re designed to fit perfectly in your favourite corner, bar, desk… and you can move it easily due to its low weight, less than 20lbs (9kg).


Fully compatible with most of the best current systems for emulation: Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Pandora’s Box, Mini Itx PCs, etc… Our RetroCabs comes with immersive full-color hi-resolution displays (8 or 10 inches) and stereo sounds with adjustable volume. The cabinets also feature professional joystick, control buttons and real coins acceptor. We want to maximize the gameplay experience while staying as true to the original cabinets as possible.


Our cabinets are made of traditional materials combined with actual technology to reproduce your favorite arcade classics in small scale. Each RetroCab is handcrafted from wood and can be featured a metal coin acceptor. They include vividly reproduced and printed artworks for side panels, bezel, control panel and marquee, which is also LED back-illuminated.