Minimal Survival Kit is the ultimate way to reproduce all those arcade cabinets from 70s, 80s, 90s. With these machines you’ll relive the glory of arcade gaming rooms and recreate your own retro ambiance. They will fit anywhere thanks to its compact and attractive design. Looks, plays and controls like real classic arcade machines!


Minimal machines are reduced 1/3 arcade cabinets that stand about 24inchs (60cm) tall and 8inches (21cm) width. They’re designed to fit perfectly in your favourite bookshelf, bar, desk, … and you can move it easily due to its low weight, less than 13lbs (6kg).

They allow you to play both standing and sitting down, as they can be converted from a complete cabinet to a bartop type quickly and easily.


High-quality 8-inch 4:3 IPS display with adjustable bezel orientation and 1024×768 resolution. It has a keypad to control the main configuration of the image such as brightness, contrast, color, etc…

The main input port is HDMI although you can also have other alternatives such as VGA or composite video.


Fully compatible with multiple controller layouts, one or two players with up to 8 action buttons. You can select the color scheme for the top (bat/ball) of the joystick and the buttons. Play like the arcade classics with its customizable control panel featuring an arcade-precise mini joystick and mini action buttons. It also supports configurations with original size controls.


Lots of high resolution, full color retro artworks to decorate the various parts of the cabin and make it a unique piece.

It is also possible to apply different colors of paint to the cabinet as it is mainly made of pressed wood.


Our cabinets are made from traditional materials combined with modern technology to reproduce your favorite arcade classics in 1/3 scale. Each retro cabinet is handcrafted from recycled wood/plastic with perfect cuts and acrylic paint. They include vividly reproduced and printed artwork for the side panels, original and mini arcade controls, 4:3 bezel aspect ratio typical of games from decades past, simulated coin slots, and a marquee, which is also LED-backlit.