What hardware do these machines use?2022-11-15T16:54:23+00:00

They support many different arcade systems, but I usually prefer Pandora Box because it’s plug and play ready.

Is it a playable system?2022-11-15T16:51:14+00:00

Fully retro playable for one or two players!!

Can it be customized?2022-11-15T16:49:11+00:00

Absolutely! It’s one of the main advantages of being Minimal Survival Kits. Choose the model of cabinet that you like and check all available options that you can apply.

Can I modify it by my self?2022-11-15T16:47:09+00:00

Yeah. Feel free to customize your Minimal Survival Kit like you want at your own risk!

How long does it take to be ready?2022-11-15T16:46:17+00:00

Although taking great care of the final result, we usually do our work as quickly as possible. Approximately between 2 or 3 weeks.

Which countries are they sent to?2019-03-26T13:53:43+00:00

We try to reach all possible points on the planet. Anyway, you can consult us about it by any of the available ways.

How much do the machines weigh?2022-11-15T16:41:24+00:00

About 13lbs (6kg). You can easly move it to everywhere.

What are the cabinet dimensions?2022-11-15T16:39:40+00:00

The size is about 24 inches (60 cm) high x 8 inches (21 cm) wide x 10 inches (25 cm) deep.

Do I need to assemble it?2022-11-15T16:35:32+00:00

The main bartop machine is fully assembled but you need to mount the stand with 8 screws. Thanks to this, we can ship the machine more safely and economically.

How is the screen?2022-11-15T16:30:43+00:00

8-inch full-color IPS display with 4:3 aspect ratio and selectable landscape/portrait orientation.

Does the marquee light up?2022-11-15T16:28:08+00:00

Of course ;) and some other parts depending on the selected arcade kit.

What is the voltage per machine?2022-11-15T16:26:42+00:00

It really depends on the system installed, but usually a machine requires 12V 0.3A.

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