What hardware do these machines use?2021-10-14T22:31:16+00:00

Retro Models include an own video system with amplified sound that can reproduce snaps of your favourite classic games. Up to 128MB of video in 320×240 resolution that you can easily upload yourself to change the default uploads.

Is it a playable system?2021-09-28T00:07:14+00:00

Due to their tiny size, it has no sense to make them playable. This kind of mini machines are a full detailed deco product.

Can it be customized?2019-03-26T13:20:01+00:00

Of course! It’s one of the main advantages of being an “artisanal” products. Choose the model of cabinet that you like and tell us what details you would like to apply to study what we can do.

Can I modify it by my self?2021-09-28T00:00:26+00:00

Yeah. Feel free to customize your Minimal Retro Model like you want at your own risk.

How long does it take to be ready?2021-09-27T23:54:30+00:00

Although taking great care of the final result, we usually do our work as quickly as possible. Approximately between 1 or 2 weeks, or less if you want a Do It Yourself version.

Which countries are they sent to?2019-03-26T13:53:43+00:00

We try to reach all possible points on the planet. Anyway, you can consult us about it by any of the available ways.

Are there discounts if I purchase more than one?2021-09-27T23:50:38+00:00

Yes! You can get great discounts in the shipment buy more than one piece.

How much do the machines weigh?2021-09-27T23:48:07+00:00

Less than 2.2lbs (1kg). You can easly move it to everywhere.

What are the cabinet dimensions?2021-09-27T23:44:11+00:00

Dimensions depend on cabinet model, but is referenced at 8 inches (20 cm) high x 3 inches (7 cm) wide x 3.9 inches (10 cm) deep.

Do I need to assemble it?2021-10-07T10:30:29+00:00

The machine is fully assembled but we could include without vinyl sticks to decorate by yourself.

How is the screen?2021-10-14T22:21:23+00:00

2.4inch full color display with 4:3 aspect ratio to reproduce game video previews.

Does the marquee light up?2021-10-14T22:18:52+00:00

Of course ;) and some other parts depending on the selected Retro Model!

What is the voltage per machine?2021-10-14T22:15:57+00:00

5V 0.3A. Powered by battery and rechargable by micro USB port.

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