Project Description


This Retro Model is a miniature reproduction and tribute for the original Neo Geo MVS Rev.2 big red cabinet. It can perfectly fit in your favourite corner, diorama, shelf, desk… Looks like the classic arcade machine!

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79 EUR

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  • Simulated bat style joystick and arcade buttons.
  • Metal shaft in joystick and tiny dust cover.
  • Mini dual coin faceplate.
  • Lighted marquee.
  • Wooden cabinet construction.
  • Clear acrylic on the marquee and screen locations.
  • Anti slip pads in the base.
  • High-resolution artwork vinyls.
  • 2.4inch display with 4:3 aspect ratio and horizontal orientation.
  • Amplified audio.
  • About 128 MB internal storage.
  • Mini USB port.
  • Up to 2 hours battery life.
  • Retro gaming video player.


Please, note that all Minimal Retro Models are made under order. Although taking great care of the final result, we usually do our work as quickly as possible.